Backyard Habitat.. Their Home..Their Haven!

Butterfly MeadowThe Woodlands at Davidson is intended to serve as a model of wildlife and environmental sustainability through the preservation of contiguous natural areas, protection of creeks and wetlands, and enhancement of wildlife habitat throughout the development. This priority of sustainability is extended to the homes through a strong emphasis on energy-efficient home design, natural storm water filtration and drainage, wildlife habitat protection, and the use of drought-resistant, environmentally friendly landscaping materials and practices.

Owners landscape their lots with plan material which is indigenous to the area. The primary use of plant species native to the North Carolina Piedmont Region is provided for in the Architectural Guidelines. Plantings for all common area have primarily been selected using native plantings designated by the North Carolina Wildlife Federation as habitat friendly. Similar plan selection is encouraged for the private yards.

cMack2013-30-0083North Carolina Wildlife Federation not only advocates for river, forest, wetland, field-habitat-protection, but also works to promote wildlife habitat programs. All common areas and public spaces have been carefully designed under consultation with the NCWF. Accordingly, landowners in The Woodlands can also make a significant difference to their overall property with wildlife in mind. The Woodlands builders ensure that all homes in The Woodlands at Davidson are registered with the NCWF’s Backyard Habitat program at occupancy, creating a landmark partnership with NCWF.

Welcome to your Home… your Haven where the focus is on landscape practices that help wildlife and improve air, water and soil quality throughout.